Must-Have Items, and Attitude

I was tormented a few days ago! Imagine a dozen options of the WORLD’S best clothes. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration but it wasn’t easy. I had the need (and budget!) for only three items heading into Spring and this is what I’ve finally chosen from the latest of Pure.

Understated but oh so sexy Aladdin Pants. It’s in a delicate material and lets you breathe, can be worn as part of a dressy ensemble or dressed down for a day at the shops. When I tried it on, I paired it with an awesome pair of black gladiator sandals (Love Love Love) and tank top – I also looked at it with a frilly blouse tucked in and he gave me that look so trust me, it works! Having it in black is an added bonus since we can do anything with black.

Then I tried out a pair of beige tights in a soft fabric. Once I pulled it up, it was sold!

Just a touch of it and I felt very diva. I added a just-above-the-knee linen top (both, in picture), thin belt and flat strappy sandals and voila! Spring Weekends suddenly seemed nearer. You could do a strappy sandal or wedge too if you’d like to take this look to the movies.

Choosing my final item nearly depressed me but nothing like a quick budget check to sober me up!

It came down to either a blue stretch cotton dress or cream velvet, very seductive wrap dress. When the seller said “I sleep in mine” (referring to the cute blue), that idea was scrapped!

I juggled the idea of a lavish velvet dress around a bit and thought it may be too much and then the lady in me said every woman needs a dress that makes her look like she owns the world, without looking like you’re headed to prom. So I kept this one, and kept it on – it felt great.

So that became my theme – How does it feel? I had a dozen hot items in front of me and I tried them all (really) but the ones I kept were those I felt completely comfortable in. I realized, you can buy every trend out there but true class exudes from the confidence with which you wear it.

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