Vintage for the Mod

Facebook is amazing. Facebook clothed me! I found vintage at Facebook! About two years agobefore the addiction – I use to log onto Facebook just curiously. In my element, I noticed many of my ‘friends’ commenting randomly on a group’s pictures: “R93”, “R100”, “101 for the blouse”.

Blouse? R101? Where!?

My curiousity led me to Lost & Found, a Facebook group with gorgeous Vintage finds to bid for! This was exciting: one, it’s Vintage darling; two, it’s competition – cough – I mean, I’d like to bid.  

Amy, its creator, started the group for *drum roll* “the wearers of art, the devotees of movable beauty, the appreciators of the inimitable, the lovers of vintage, the raiders of cupboards, the treasure hunters”.

She is the treasure hunter for us, “the lovers of vintage” – and I love it!

Amy gathers vintage and second hand pieces, takes breathtakingly beautiful pictures, puts them up, sets a bidding date. Go! I joined in – by cut off time, I had tallied up my score and… geez, these girls are beasts – nothing!? Next time! Next time!

And Next time came, I gathered my 10-or-so goods after the bid and it felt fabulous! Skirts, dresses, shirts, you name it. Amy delivered it to me at work (that’s the other plus of Lost & Found: she really wants you to be happy) and… (no boss here?) I tried everything on – in the ladies. I couldn’t wait.

I’ve taken part in bids ever since. Just recently I got a lace dress, and quirky polka dot cocktail dress. Bags, belts, scarves are often up for bidding too. There’s even a men’s section. 🙂 

The incredible thing is, it’s one of a kind – it’s Vintage baby.

Trends are tricky. What’s in today was probably Hot! before, and will make a comeback. So, if you’re a sucker for trends (personally, I prefer style because it’s ageless) Vintage is for you too. There’s the beauty in fashion: it forever evolves, but remains the same.

Aah, Facebook is amazing. Lost & Found is amazing.

Jacket at Lost & Found probably under R100

Dress at Lost & Found, less than R120

Skirt from Lost & Found for about R100

 Get your Vintage on…=ts

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