More of Mary

While sifting through some old work, I came across a story of a woman named Mary.

Mary lives in Kenya and runs two successful businesses in her rural town. Apparently, she puts the lazy to shame because she is so Busy.

This got me thinking about Mary and Martha. Of course, the industrious Kenyan Mary should have been named Martha!

Google led me to another blog (” \o “Permanent Link to When Life Is Busy)

We get so busy that we forget God!

Geez, the read was so enlightening:

“…Sit still, be quiet, let your mind go quiet, and then meditate on God’s Word or seek Him for what He would have you do right now.”

I sat still and pondered. Suddenly I thought “Nastassja, you spend way too much time on facebook (exhibit A) – you could be spending time with God”.

And that’s what I’m thinking now. We spend so much time on frivolous things, yet we toss the most significant aside; spending time… Time with family, time with friends. But mostly, time with God.

I need more Mary in me. You?

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