Vintage Motivation

One of my most favourite words is ‘vintage’. Not surprisingly, it’s one of my favourite decor themes too. Vintage items have romance, class, sophistication – definitely other favourite words of mine! While vintage furniture and other decor often steer away from straight lines, these days even modern items are made with vintage appeal – so no excuse!

The first picture below is an absolute favourite! So much so, it’s something I’d hang on a wall – if I had the space (gulp).

Take a look at this, and the rest, for some Vintage Motivation!

The wallpaper cleverly gives the elusion of a fireplace etc.

check out these vintage stools!

vintage side table

What a gorgeous picture!

ah, a coat hanger in cream – what’s not vintage about it hehe

love the chair and chandelier, paired with other straight-lined furniture to soften the place up a bit!


wallpaper, sleek side table, pretty cushions – modernly vintage

gold is vintage! I’m convinced – what a pretty frame!

looks like the entire room in decked in Original Vintage!!!

Just subtle hints, like a chandelier and ornaments – possibly the lamp bases too

Various internet sources used:

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