Domestic Bliss!

You don’t have to know me well to know that I’m not camera shy. I grew up quite the poser – modeling in front of the TV until someone asked “Werk jou pa by PG Glass?” – “er, whatever!”

So it’s no surprise that I like to commemorate EVERY occasion with pictures. How much more when it’s your First Wedding Anniversary!?

I had this idea in my head – I wanted something that told the story of marriage, particularly in its first year. I would name this picture-perfect marriage – Domestic Bliss. Our Wedding Photographer came on board and thought it would be fun to play pretend; I’d be a Stepford Wife for the day!

What was particularly special about the shoot, was that it was done at home. Soon we’ll look back at these pictures and remember our first ever home, and that’s something worth having.

I’d describe our first year of marriage as ‘playing house’ – I had fun with the idea of cooking, cleaning, etc. during this year because I am excited and thrilled that this is OUR home, our life, our marriage.

Come photo shoot day, we played house some more! Have a look…

Thanks to Marelize Schmahl Photography for these awesome pictures! We had so much fun.
See more pics, on the home decor here


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