Whose Face on what Book?

We are migrating to a world of new technologies. Among technology’s greatest offspring, Facebook!

I imagined what even the most anti-technology, anti-social network, anti-risk kind of person could gain from facebook. Here’s that kinda gal’s story, in her own words…
“Upon doing my regular round of email checks (hesitantly! I haven’t quite befriended the internet yet), I was bombarded by names from my past! So and so has invited you to join Facebook, it reads.  

Usually, I’d hit the delete key: anything with a website link attached to it typically heads that way. But in desperation to make sense of the relation between those names and this site, I enter the stream of network services.
Facebook was initially intended for university students, but the net’s growing capacity allowed the website to become a platform for everyone to join the social scene. With account holders from all over the world, the service is taken advantage of by countless faces. And I mean faces.

Members register for free, in exchange for your email address and basic information you provide. While jotting down personal information like age (gulp) is horrid to me, the site is said to be a safe networking tool. With precautions in the form of numerous security checks, this seems to be the case.

My profile was appropriately ambiguous.
“Mary” (just Mary) accompanied by a hideous photo of me wearing Nicole Ritchie shades and floral scarf, was what would greet viewers of my profile.

Nonetheless, I felt exposed! I’d change my name altogether, but that would be a lie and I’d rather avoid adding ‘criminal’ to shopper/housewife.

To my naïveté, I have the option of blocking random viewers to view my profile: only those whom I have already added as ‘friends’ may view my profile if I choose to use this option. If I ever get to the point of uploading pictures, I could select the people who are allowed to see it.

I’m going to study the security options some more! It’s important who I let into my life, especially if I start posting pictures. Random people cannot know me, not that well! Horror!
You choose your friends wisely in life, why treat this facebook any different?

Right now, my page is bland. Despite the many spaces you may fill with enticing bits such as favourite quotes, books and movies, etc. etc. I post only the basics. With the exception of my mood, that is. I [made it] read: Mary is now slightly entertained.
Seeing what I’ve written is gratifyingly amusing.
  Now that I’ve got all these long lost friends staring at me, I’m allowed to send them messages; write on their “wall”; view their friends… the options are endless. Each time I receive a message or anything new happens, Facebook alerts me via my email. Nowadays, I find myself scanning my emails hoping that I’ll see one of those. With all this technology literally at my fingertips, I feel empowered. 

I’m impressed by the site’s simplicity. The inability of users to edit their profiles beyond recognition maintains Facebook’s trademark look. This may strip me of my individualism, perhaps, but I prefer my first attempt at networking that way.
Besides, if you want to fiddle with the look of things and really maintain your individualism, get a blog!
What really got me smiling, though, is the absence of little flashing advertisements. This is your page. You are your own editor. No interruptions.

This may be the start of my very own revolution. Fearing technology, especially internet-related, only creates more anxiety. The cliché,
“you never know until you try” is relevant in this instance.

The internet offers an array of uses which extend far beyond boring text-book style pages. In light of my experience with Facebook, it’s safe to say that the emotional and physical strain our lives reap is relieved by this phenomenon. Try it. In fact, add me – I promise not to hit that delete key! ■”
“Mary” is right, to have identified the positives. I love facebook. It’s connected me with so many lost friends, and has kept me in touch with many far-away relatives. Of course, it’s a great networking tool! It does, however, have it’s downside (but you’re the human — the computer is not smarter than you, really — ) and you can control it.

Some of us need to know: what you load onto facebook will be on the internet forever; what you say on facebook will also be out there – in the minds and hearts of people. An entire post can be dedicated to inappropriateness on facebook – of all the things one can address, know this: what you put out there, in [internet] ink is permanent; DO worry about your image.

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