Eek, I’m getting rid of my clothes!

I have recently bought my first fashion, erm… I mean style, book. Of course, I’ve a collection of magazines but I bought the first fashion book: The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia.

I think I’ve already acquired a taste for style as apposed to trends, but I want to expand on my Fashion Knowledge because if you’re to believe what I write, I’m sure you’d like to know that I know what I’m talking about.

To most of the sayings and lessons learnt from the book, like “It’s not money that makes you well-dressed, it’s understanding” (a quote by Christian Dior), I’m going “yes, exactly!” as I read ——– but to Andree Putman’s quote

“…I cannot believe one can dress well when you have so much” I pause and read attentively.

That’s my weakness see. Many mornings I frown at my closet, because I don’t have a thing to wear, but it frowns back – because it’s packed to the brim with things to wear! The one thing I’ve realised, and need to master – is the art of editing! (See decor posts, where I’ve discovered this art first.) 

I’ve long ago realised, though hesitantly, how to shop (do not buy every trend!) but am now venturing on the big EDIT of what I currently own: what to chuck out, what to keep and HOW to move forward because Andree Putman is right. And I have too much. Seasonally, I make a point of chucking out items and giving it away but I need to do more, to make my clothes work for me.

Mind you, I hate having a lot – in the closet. It’s draining! The closet is packed – I cannot see all my clothes – it feels like a mess, and I feel exhausted. It would be great to get to a point where I have just the right amount, where I can see ALL my clothes> I’d make wiser decisions 😉

Here’re the guidelines I’ve set, with help from the book:
I’m keeping what looks good on me.
I’m keeping what I feel good in (above rule still applies)
I’m keeping what I actually wear.
I’m chucking it out if it’s too big, or too small.
Ten black skirts that do the same job will be reduced to one, or two 🙂
The item that used to be in, or won’t stay in for long – will go.
I will be ruthless, I’ll even make a deal with myself. For every 20 items I chuck, I will buy only one great piece.

Wish me luck as I endeavour to edit successfully! Look out for feedback, and I challenge you to do the same! (And get the book while you’re at it)

Thanks for reading, your support – especially as I bite on my teeth and go on in – is needed!


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