Look of the Day: Another Wednesday

Now, I’d love to have a full time model to dress up (and take pictures of afterwards! I think I take a decent picture), but for now I’ll just have to annoy my colleagues and/or husband to take pictures of me when I have a clothing item I want to show you. Right now, the skirt.

Top: Mr Price
Skirt: No label but bought via Lost & Found (Amy does the thrifting for you, and you end up with a unique piece! Find Amy Lost-Found on facebook)
Stockings: Woolworths
Shoes: China Town (won’t last long though, and won’t stay comfortable throughout the day)
Bag: Accessorize
Scarf: Mom

It’s a chilly day in Jo’burg and I hate dressing for cold days. But paired with stockings (and a scarf), this cream and black skirt is a hit. I got it for a steal, at R86! That’s the beauty of thrift items. Extra nice that it’s so pretty.
p.s. It’s the first time I wear my hair like this since I cut it —-
and I’ve also tried a nude colour on my nails this week. 

Thanks for checking in – let me know if you’d like seeing more ‘looks’; I’ll try not to let this kinda post hog the blog!
Until next time,

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