Something New: Handbag

Bag: Sowearto

Today is so cold and gloomy in Jo’burg that I needed this pick-me-up. I don’t know what does it for you, but when I feel this way – shopping helps! This wasn’t a random shopping spree though; I’ve eyed this bag at Sowearto for quite some time. It was actually the second choice – the first being a bigger, grey, briefcase-style bag, which was sold out so this one immediately took the first preference title. Awesome that I got it at 30% off!!!!!

Now that the bag’s out of the way, I’m looking for a.) a trench coat like this one

and b.) a boyfriend blazer like this one

I have a blazer in grey and have seen it work, so I’m searching for black now. The boyfriend blazer is perfect for any look! In fact, I’d love it in a few colours! I also have a trench in corduroy but it’s stained hence the need for a replacement. The trench. is. a. staple. item.

Anywho, hope you’re having a good Tuesday. Mine just got better!



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