Encouraged by a real life Hero

Of course, yesterday (Nelson Mandela’s birthday) was an opportune time for people to give of themselves, in light of ‘Mandela Day’.

While driving to work I was tuned in to 702, as they were broadcasting from a retirement village or something and taking pledges of support for the institution. One man called in and mumbled something about the email he had sent the station with details of his pledge, “I’m pledging some money and a microwave” I think he said. I know he didn’t mention the amount. He definitely mentioned the microwave. Then the presenter, who had obviously been given the heads up by his producer said, “oh you’re pledging R20 000, right?” The caller modestly confirmed. When the presenter went on to ask him what his company’s name is, I was shocked (and so was the presenter!) to hear that he is not representing a company but it’s a personal pledge. And the caller is a policeman.

The presenter teased, questioning whether he can afford it, and without a hitch the caller assured him that it’s ok. I was moved to tears when I heard this man, a South African policeman, modestly pledge a substancial amount, and a microwave, to the institute.

It had me thinking, there are still so many good people in the world! People that jump at the opportunity to help others. And if it’s not for ‘Mandela Day’ and other frilly occasions, we wouldn’t know that they exist. These people are those who do not need a mention, who do something simply because they want to see change – not because they want the fame. They are our silent Heroes.

That caller encouraged me to be a giver, in everything I do – without seeking recognition – every day. While ‘Mandela Day’ and the likes draw sums of people to do good deeds, it’s the [modest] people who do these when nobody is watching that make a real difference. And that’s who I strive to be. Thank you caller.



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