Fun Friday

Shirt: Meltz
Pants: Vigoss
Shoes: China Town
Belt: Paired with skirt from YDE
Bag: YDE
Glasses: Husbands
Necklaces (from top): China Town; Gifted; Aldo
Bracelet: YDE
Earrings: Flee market, but I recently saw them at Sowearto
I guess this outfit was inspired by my curiousity of the trends (colour blocking, which I haven’t quite mastered with this outfit; and the turban, which only happened an hour or two ago).
Last night I took out this pants, with the hope of pairing it with a purple top or so, but I failed. Or maybe, I succeeded but the look didn’t quite work for me. So I grapped this purple clutch instead.
The turban is actually a scarf I had around my neck earlier. It somehow worked it’s way to the top. I checked out this video for advice on how to tie it. 
I also mixed prints (scarf, shirt and earrings), a trend that has become somewhat normal.
For the sake of balance, my nails are neutral.
Does this look work?!  


  1. Only you could turn something as boring and unusual as a turban and make it look so fabulous!! Love, love, love this look on you…xx I'm so addicted to this blog hey. I eagerly wait for it everyday 🙂


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