Green Monday

I’m glad we took these pictures when we did (about thirty minutes ago!) because it has just started raining.
It’s also a cold day in Jo’burg again today so this is not an honest reflection of what I’m wearing – my coat (that you don’t see) covers most of it up.

Skirt: China Town
Blouse: Mr Price
Stockings: Woolworths
Shoes: Foschini
Bangles and Bracelet: Gifted
Earrings: Identity?

Thank you to my colleague Matthew Cowles for taking these pictures.


Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week!


  1. Thank you for your comments ladies. Yes, this fall look I'm wearing in Winter. Fall, here in South Africa, was last season and we're a month away from Spring – but our Winters, I suppose, are mild compared to the rest of the world (we don't get snow, except on the mountains)so I can get away with this look in Winter.



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