Warm Friday, and what we did

Dress: Mr Price
Top: Identity
Stockings: Woolworths
Socks: Men’s
Boots: Foschini
Beret: Identity
Scarf: Woolworths
Coat: Fashion Express
I just wanted to be warm and comfortable today. And my hair currently has no bragging rights so I just hid it under this beret. I read something once, if you have cold feet – wear a hat. It’s working for me! Anyway, here’re a few pictures from the husband’s birthday. After work, we headed out to do some shopping (something we both love!), have lunch and catch a movie. We saw The Rise of Planet of the Apes and it was so good! On our way home hubby picked up a dvd (really?!) and we watched that with some strawberries and cream haha!

Husband, I really like these shoes

I just reworked what I wore to work for a casual look 

while the hubby had a tramezzini

yummy chicken salad with avo and peacan nuts!

He’s a happy boy when he’s shoppping!


crazy moment


LOVED this!


Hubby opening his gift


the perfect end


Thanks for reading and have a fantastic weekend!


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