The Dress Mom should’a Kept

Dress & Cardigan: As set, vintage via Lost & Found
Shoes: Launch Footwear via Piccidilly
Necklace: China Town wholesalers
I love vintage pieces (or anything resembling vintage). All too often I’d wear something and my mother would say “I had one just like that.” Why didn’t you keep it mom??? When I hear stories of my mother’s wardrobe, I can’t help but mourn the fact that she didn’t keep any of it. Yes, I’m sure it ended up with someone who appreciated it. But I can’t help but imagine the dresses I could wear today – from my mother’s closet! 
Shoes? Well, my mom is three sizes bigger so that wouldn’t work would it?
Today we see past eras’ fashion come back, and I’m sure that’s how trends will evolve – forever. So, will my daughter also regret that I gave my clothes away or will she appreciate that I gave it to someone in need? Or, I’m afraid to say, would she not be interested?


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