Playing Dress Up

Another vintage dress.

Dress: Vintage via Lost & Found
Cropped Jacket: Foschini
Stockings & Shoes: Woolworths
Necklace: China Town Wholesale
Pearl Earrings: Gifted
One of the reasons I love vintage clothing is the way I feel in them, all frilly and dressed up. I like how women dressed like women back in the day, even in pants. This particular dress makes me feel like a real lady. I think it’s the combination of its length, the dots, and the waist detail. I contemplated wearing it with a denim jacket for an edgier look but figured that, juxtaposed againsts my tad-bit-crazy personality it would do just fine.
Speaking of feeling like a lady, Dazz Consulting is hosting a Secretaries Day Jamboree in Johannesburg as we commemorate Secretaries Day here in South Africa, on the 7th September. The day will be packed with treats galore, and two lucky delegates will get free make-overs! Take a peep at their website for more.    

Thank you to my colleague Smanga for these pictures

Thank you for reading,


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