Weekend DO’s

Here are a few pictures from the weekend, and some DO’s for every weekend!

DO get dressed in the morning. Very important.

Pants: Some place at some fashion show; Top: Woolworths; Necklaces: YDE; Bag: Sowearto; Earrings: Identity

DO act a little crazy. ‘Cos it’s the weekend.

DO laugh a little. Or a lot.

DO show off that wedding ring buddy.

DO put on the shoes your husband just bought you because it matches your outfit.

DO add some bling to take your day time look into the night.

DO get cheery flowers to brighten up your home.

DO eat chocolate ice cream.

DO draw silly pictures.

DO look up from your side of the bed and see something that makes you smile.

DO have a great day,


  1. So glad I stumbled across your blog this afternoon, because this post really did make me smile. Wonderful photos! Thanks so much for sharing. The weekends should be about a little fun, a little craziness, and an excuse to dress up a little.

    — Callie @ Unladylikeblog.blogspot.com


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