Denim and Plus-Size Models

Skirt: Mr Price
Shirt: Woolworths
Shoes: Foschini
Bag: China Town
Earrings: YDE
*not sure about the belt
I’ve had this shirt for a while now and this is the first time I wear it, despite trying a few outfit scenarios.
On a more weighty topic, pun intended: the issue of plus-size models. I’ve started reading the features in the latest SA Elle magazine. I’m glad Elle went there. Without going into what the articles say, because you’ve got to read it for yourself, I’d like to add that I’d really like to see the industry embrace plus-size models. It’s true that plus-size women are sexy and alluring, but are you – the industyputting your money where your mouth is? The fact that there’s a “plus-size” category speaks for itself. I’ve yet to find a runway, or magazine, and all other media for that matter, that has equally embraced plus-size models. I’d like to see it. It’s nice to see a woman embrace her body, even if it is a size 14. In fact, perhaps especially if it’s a size 14.

Thank you to Lwazi for these pictures

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