Mr Price, moving fashion forward

Ok, Mr Price you’re being über cool!  


This truck is moving around the country from November 7th to the 25th, stopping randomly and hooking drivers up with freebies. If you’re stuck in traffic, freebies help! They say they’ll even orchestrate a mobile fashion show. Will the Fashion Fairy please direct this truck my way?!
But really, I’m bummed that I did not spot it yet – if I do, I’ll jump out of my car and dance like it’s summer on the beach (I mean, I’ll look at the truck, smiling, and day dream for a few seconds about jumping out of my car and dancing like it’s summer on the beach)!
All of this hoo ha is for the launch of Mr Price’s concept stores at Tygervalley on December 1st; Eastgate on November 24th and Sandton City on November 10th – that’s tomorrow. I’m going to the Sandton launch sneak peek tonight, and will show you the goods tommorrow – if you’re not already there!
fine print
Catch the Fashion Squad as they make their way around the country launching the new, innovative and exciting world-class Mr Price store experience. So hop on the ride and be a part of all the crazy-cool stuff happening at your favourite hot fashion destination. See you there!


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  2. LOL!!! I def have talent to run in my boots. You don't run errands in heels too? 😉 Thanks for always stopping by to say hello.

    And what's up with this girl Winda she has basically hit every blog that I go to everyday and left the exact same comment. Its the weirdest thing…..



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