Glitz & Glamour

I’m super blessed to be a part of the Worship Team at church. This weekend we celebrated 2011, red carpet style. Here’re a few pictures of some of the lovely people saying “cheeeese”.

Husband and I

From left, my georgeous sister-in-law Lee-Anne
and my good friend Verna

Great legs on you ladies!

From left: Dale, Elize, Taturm, Natasha
and the lovely couple Darren and Arlene

Loved the short dresses!

From left: Elize, Tatum and Natasha

WOW to that colour Tatum!

From left: Kathleen, Elize, Joyce, Natasha, Tatum,
my hubby Darryl, and Darren

The lovely Linda!

The back is so fun Linda! And where did you put your children hot mama?!

Sizzing – Linda, Annelise and Ronel

Some of us 😉

With the gorgeous Veniva

Arlene and Sindy strike a pose

The guys: Dean, Glisson, Darren, Darryl (Husband)
and Ryan

I’m biased, so guess who I’m looking at?

From left: Bianca, Reubyn, Veniva

What pretty smiles! Lucy, Joyce, Elize

I wore a dress from New Girls, Accessories from Sassy Diva
and a vintage black clutch from Lost & Found

Thank you for coming by.
Have a fantastic week!


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