THANK YOU – Giveaway

Pants: Mr Price; Top: Piccadilly; Blazer: Threads; Shoes: China Town;
Belt: YDE; Bag & Necklace: ALDO; Ring: Sassy Diva

My colleague, Smanga, took these pictures.
I was so excited when the blog reached 10 000 hits last week, I was on a high for a couple of days – really! It has already grown substantially since then, so I’m still in that happy zone. To many long-time bloggers, this is but a baby step but it’s a huge milestone for me and I’m ecstatic! I started this blog as a space to do what I love: write, and write about my little obsessions. It means the world that you’re sharing in the fun.
As a small token of appreciation and heartfelt thanks – I’m giving away these one-of-a-kind, hand-made earrings that Debbie (For Ears) made! It was made for this specific purpose, with you in mind.
To enter, just follow the blog on google (or bloglovin… or via email) — to your right — and post a comment below. 
I’m hoping to run a few giveaways, because you made my heart so happy – so come back and check. Thank you for reading, commenting and allowing me this space to play.
Have a super day,


  1. You look good as usual, then again is there ever a day that you dont? Just wanne say you personify the saying…..You wear the clothes…Dont let the clothes wear you. I've learnt alot. (Linda)


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