Happy Birthday to Me – Mr Price Giveaway – CLOSED

It’s my birthday! And it’s the perfect day for an awesome giveaway, for awesome readers of the blog!
I’m giving away TWO gift vouchers from Mr Price, to the value of R500 each. Do you know what amazing stuff you could get?! Mr Price, you beauty (thank you)! 
  • Here’s the deal: one voucher will go to the person (*in Johannesburg) that wants/needs a little sprussing up – if you feel like you need a wardrobe lift, mini makeover or just a good spoil; this is for you. We’ll go shopping, you’ll pick and choose – I’ll carry your bags, treat you to something special, and take pictures of you for the blog!  
  • The other voucher will just arrive at someone’s doorstep – to do as you please. You could treat yourself, buy Christmas prezzies (for women, men, kids or home!) – whatever! Just send me a picture or two – please?
ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS: 2 things: follow this blog with Google Friend Connect because I can see who follows/enters this way (look to the right, click ‘join this site’ under ‘regular readers’; follow publicly); and leave a comment – tell me why you want a voucher, or what you would get? Tell me anything!
Do tell me if you’re in Jo’burg or other (and if there’s any of the two vouchers you prefer). Also, don’t comment as Anonymous!
Here’s just a peek at the amazing Mr Price goods:

Mr Price also has stuff from our amazing designers, like Amber Jones:

There’s lots for boys too:

(Plenty for kids too, and for the home via Mr Price Home!)
Thanks for always reading, I’m excited to give you this awesome gift!
Now follow, and leave your comment 😉
*Closed to international readers, South African entrants only ;(
*now closed (on Monday, 12th December 2011)


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