Make Someone Smile

I nearly didn’t blog today. But finally, at 21:50, I’m sitting down to share something with you.

Today the Mr Price Giveaway Johannesburg winner and I went shopping. The Husband was a special kinda gem; I watched him treat her like a lady: he ‘sponsored’ her hair treat, bought her flowers, opened doors, and just treated her in-between – as he does me all the time.

Anyway, Margaret was so thrilled to go shopping at Mr Price. Her niece, Chanelle, won the gift and (without hesitation) gave it to her. She is one-of-a-kind, Chanelle said. “She’s always the last person she thinks about.”

She is a stay-at-home mother of three. I could tell that her children have always been her number one priority, but today was her turn. As the day continued, her eyes lit up more and more – like a child at his first Christmas. By the end, I was pleased – we had been a part of a really small gesture that meant the world to her. I was also sad: we don’t do it often enough. Lesson learned.

We don’t live for ourselves: we have so many around us, and I believe that it is part of our very purpose to try to make others smile.

For those of you that come by for pictures, the snapshots we took today are stuck on my camera – and without a way to get it off from there and onto here right now, I’ll just promise to show you soon. Here is a picture, though, of a dress by Pure that I modelled at the fashion show a few weeks ago. It was for a charity auction and the lady that bought it told me to keep it on (in other words, it’s in my closet now).

It made me smile.

Thanks for coming by.

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