I was at McDonald’s yesterday, with my lovely sister-in-law Janine, my nieces Leah and Annushka, and Stacey – Nushka’s best friend.

It was not long before they started showing me all the bracelets and necklaces they had made.

Every colour under the rainbow, they had it covered. Every imaginative design, and size – sorted!

Even little Leah was awed!

We quickly convinced them that they should sell these pretty pieces. The idea of being business owners obviously appealed to them because soon we had figured out a name for these friendship bracelets and necklaces – Friends4Eva; for friends, by friends!

I think this is a good experience for them, besides being loads of fun.

So, R15 a bracelet people! Inquire about necklaces, they will custom make pieces if you wish. They laugh in disbelief when I talk like this, “like a real business Aunty Nastassja!”

Email me if you’d like to support these pre-teen dolls’ little venture:


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