Margaret and Me

Last year Mr Price came on board with a lovely [not so] little giveaway where two pretty ladies each received a R500 gift voucher. And just in time for the holidays too!

Our Jo’burg winner, Margaret, and I had a great time spending her voucher! I think she enjoyed the little treats in between too (the hubby came along to spoil with chocolates and flowers, carry bags, and and and… 🙂 love him). I already told you how good it felt here, now see for yourself.

First, Margaret got her hair prettied and we had food on the run. A long shopping session awaited us!

T’was such fun…

My shorts and shoes are from Mr Price; Shirt from Woolworths and bag from Miss Boss.

Thank you so much Mr Price, look what you’ve done! And thank you Margaret – I was blessed that day. You’re a beautiful person. Rock on!


  1. wow! I LOVE this woman! I would do anything for her.

    I cannot start to explain how grateful I am for you and your Hubster, you guys are truly angels walking the earth! God bless your beautiful souls.

    <3 you guys


  2. I think what you've done here is truly special. Touching a person's life in a very real way. Sharing the love of Christ. Bless you and Mr Rogero 🙂



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