Top: Picadilly; Skirt: Meltz; Shoes: Gifted; Bag: Sowearto; Jewelry: Gifted

Back at work, back to my favourite piece – the long pleated skirt. Come Winter, I’m going to regret living in these when I could be letting my knees out – but this is my comfort zone!
Speaking of which, the year has started and many of us have probably thought of all the things we’d like to achieve. For me, particularly in the professional space, it’s to step out of the comfort zone. I want to challenge myself to do what I’ve always wanted to, to take risks, first steps — all of the daunting actions. I want to do more than the routine! This is a general requirement, I think, for life. Especially so if you have your eye on a specific goal – it takes action.
So, let’s step out of the box we’ve climbed into and made comfortable.
As for the long skirts, these pictures are from earlier this week – but I’m in another long skirt again today. One at a time, people. One at a time.

Thank you for coming by.


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