I’m thrilled to introduce a little Q&A slot on the blog – to scratch the surface of some inspirational people.
First up, meet Laiqah –  a 25-year-old personal style blogger, and general cutie from Cape Town.  

 Have you followed through on your original plan for the blog – or did it evolve with time?
  I initially started blogging about beauty products and reviews but it definitely evolved with time. My love for fashion made it an obvious choice when it came to posting my outfits of the day and make up must haves.

Why do you enjoy blogging?
 Blogging is my release, my little online fashion diary where I share my outfits, thoughts and current make up obsessions with others who understand! I can’t speak to my husband about that, even though he is a great listener, sometimes you just need to share with others who can relate 🙂  

What is your day job?
  I am a graphic designer dreaming of a job at a fashion magazine
How did you choose a career?
After high school I went to university to study law but I was never really happy with my choice. I’m a creative person and needed to be doing something creative. That’s where graphic design came in!
What do you do when you’re not at work, and not blogging!?
 I spend most of my time with my Husband, and when we’re not watching our favourite series, I’m out shopping with my Mom and sister.
Why is fashion, or the way you present yourself, important? It’s often judged as frivolous. What do you say to that?
  Some don’t care how they look, I do. I love getting dressed in the morning. Playing dress up with my own clothes is my favourite past time! 

Who is your style icon?
  Miroslava Duma, Rachel Bilson and my favorite fashion bloggers Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast, and Julie from Sincerely Jules.

Opinion on trends? How do you approach them? What are your favourite trends?
 I think trends are great, you get to try something new… but I don’t spend a lot of money on trends, because before you know it, it’s out! My favourite trends at the moment are colour blocking and ombré hair. Both perfect for Summer! 
What do you love about South Africa, generally? 
 South Africa is an amazing place to live, everyone is so diverse and rich with their beautiful beliefs and cultures!

And Cape Town?
 As cliché as it sounds since I’m a Capetonian, but seeing beautiful Table Mountain everyday makes me smile. I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! (Well, I wouldn’t mind a little trip to Johannesburg for some shopping!) 🙂  
What do you think is key for women to know or do, when getting where they want to be?
 I think if you want to get anywhere in life you need confidence. No one can say no to a woman who is confident! There’s no better feeling than feeling amazing about yourself! 
I hope that you enjoyed this post. Find Laiqah at her fun blog, here.

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