Signature Syle

Pants: Zara; Top: Picadilly; Shoes & Bag: ALDO;
Necklace: MSC Boutique; Glasses: Fruitcake Vintage

This is what I was wearing behind the lens of our little photoshoot on the weekend. Granny glasses, and a loud colour block. Oh, and hair that didn’t care. I felt very confident, but everyone kept asking about these glasses! I think it’s all thanks to my mood on this particular day, because I am rarely this brave.
I often think about how we’ll look at pictures (and me, this blog) one day, and say “whaaat was I thinking!?”. More so our children and grandchildren! “That’s soooo ancient!” I imagine them saying, like we often say to our parents aged style. This is why, I think, we should find our own style amidst the trends. For instance, this colour block thing may last but a minute (already monotone dressing is it), but if your personality relates to it – it’s yours to keep. No matter the stares. While it’s good to evolve, it’s great that we can go through the years and still have a signature style.
That’s when you are most comfortable, and confident, in your own skin.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Weekend!


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