Fake Laugh

Dress: Rage; Shoes: Picadilly; Bag: Gifted Prada

As much as friends tease that I’ve mastered the pose, I don’t like frozen, posed pictures very much. I prefer natural, in-the-moment pictures. But who are we kidding, this is a personal style blog – and pictures are taken with specific purpose so there’s zero spontaneity. Just the fake laugh, which is my solution for less awkward pictures. And as with life sometimes, when you fake it enough – it can become very real. At the end of this photo session, I was really laughing.
All that babbling later, let me tell you about the Image/Style Consulting Class I started last night. It was fantastic! It’s very casual, very girls-night-outish, and very entertaining! But you learn so much.
I’ve always played with fashion (despite stressing the importance of style as apposed to fashion), and have always tried to represent a style true to me – especially now, as I enter my “late twenties” – and last night touched on that. That… five, ten, fifteen years from now – your style should still be identifiable. 
Yes, you will age; your body will change; your interests may even shift – but your personality will still be the same and that’s your style. Your style, or image, should always reflect who you are.  

Thank you to my new colleague Lerato, who I will abuse as photographer, for these pictures.

Thank you for coming by,

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