Things I’d think about (if I wore prescription glasses).

I took these fun pictures of the husband over the holidays. It was also around the time his prescription glasses were really starting to irritate him. He needed an updated script, but also frames that were more comfortable. Can you relate? I could never, until I saw for myself the agony eyeglass wearers often face.
That’s why I’m profiling – who many international readers may already know well.
I’ve seen Husband always opt for quality eyeglasses, often with a ridiculously expensive price tag. And if I wore prescription eyeglasses, I would definitely want to know my cheaper options – without sacrificing quality. 
If you read the blog often you know I shop affordable, so when I realised offers a range of cheap glasses, worldwide, I knew I’d share.
But cheap doesn’t mean you have to look like a bag lady! Next to quality, style would be on top of my list (I mean, I want to be stylish too). I played around on their website and I was sure to find eyeglasses frames that fit the bill. See my favorite, which I tried on using the Virtual Mirror – very cool. I browsed through their range of sunglasses too, and of course the Aviators won me over!
Look them up, and check it out for yourself. Get 50% off any pair of prescription eyeglasses (on orders over $50) with the code: PRESIDENT
For 10% off any order of prescription glasses use the code: Blog10
They also boast a 110% lowest price guarantee, a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a rewarding refer-a-friend program – so test that when you shop.
Now, back to my non-prescription Nerd glasses – I wonder if they offer that? Hm, let’s see…

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