Pants & Top: Pure; Shoes: Foschini; Bag: Sowearto; Necklace: Gifted



I’ve attempted before, and even documented here, how I’d like to live with less clothes. *And now those who know me laugh.* Maybe not less (though I really need less), but more staples – more mix-and-match-ables – less trends – less prints – less florals – I dunno, just less. Okay, so maybe I do mean less. I’m feeling more and more bogged down by clutter and less and less inspired by my wardrobe. I always feel like I have nothing to wear!
I dream of having basic, investment pieces, with a few statement pieces in my wardrobe. Can I just try to recreate my wardrobe by being harsh and saying – “ok, five skirts, five pants, 5 whatevers, and so on”? Is that how it’s done? If it is, I have a tough time ahead of me. If this conversation goes the way it usually does, I’m talking to myself here. If that’s the case, call it venting.
Hopefully I’ll come up with a solution soon – and share. I cannot be the only one. Can not.



Thanks to Lerato for these pictures.


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