Amy, of Lost & Found

Meet Amy, brainchild of Lost & Found – the hot online Vintage clothing spot! She started the online shop while at University, and still runs it today – even as a very busy Advocate. It’s not really a shop, I guess. It’s a few hours of bidding war (with a customer base of over 800!), that comes every few months – for the love of beautiful one-of-a-kind Vintage pieces, sourced over months by Amy. Winning bidders get pretty parcels like this, with love.

Here’s an inside scoop on the 27-year-old Vintage genius! 


Have you become what you wanted to as a child? 
I know it may sound cliché, but as a child I always wanted to do something to help. I think I had wanted to be an oncologist, luckily I failed science so badly that medicine was never an option and I LUCKILY got to follow my passions in law and international relations.

 Where did you grow up? 
I grew up and studied in Joburg… I’m a Joburg girl through and through – born, bred and buttered.
 With a BA and BA Honours in International Relations, and an LLB, you’re an advocate by day, and run Lost & Found – what else?! 
Hehehee, I am a tutor for a world-wide programme which facilitates the development and increase in individuals and communities capacities for service, so I do that, and with a friend have been mentoring a group of now 16 year old girls, along with the Law, Lost & Found, my blog, and my friends.

Lost & Found and Fashion

You love vintage because… 
It’s beautiful, unique, flexible and classic

How did you come up with Lost & Found and why? 
A few friends of mine and I had come up with to source vintage and 2nd hand clothing for people who didnt have the time themselves, but the format of the business etc. was an idea I came up with over the December break, and launched in the following January. Why? that’s actually a tough question. I loved the clothing but obviously it couldn’t all fit in my cupboard as my mom would kill me, so I decided to sell it to friends of mine.

In terms of what you’ve accomplished, what are you most proud of? 
The fact that it has spread so much, and from being a little varsity-students business, it has -albeit with a few hiccups- managed to grow, and in a society where things come and go all the time, has managed to last for over 4 years now.

You’ve been featured in magazines. Were you surprised when it took off like that? 
It’s always awesome when that happens, and always nice to be approved, affirmed and confirmed by your peers and clients.

Why is fashion, or the way you present yourself, important? It’s often judged to be frivolous. What do you say to that? 
I definitely think it has the potential to be frivolous, but I believe that we have been created, and that if there is a creation, then there is also a Creator. To be creative and to express that creativity is therefore directly connected to our nature. Some people feel like they’re not talented; like that they can’t sing, or draw or dance etc, but fashion or clothing, is one of the most accessible or easy forms of self expression, indicative of even our subconscious, for example some days you wake up wanting to wear a particular colour, or outfit, and can’t necessarily explain why.

Opinion on trends? How do you approach them? 
I think trends are fun, but shouldn’t be taken overboard. Keep your classic wardrobe, and then play around with trends by adding things to your core wardrobe.

What’s on your wish list? 

Clothing wise? Or in life in general, coz if its life in general then it would be annual ticket overseas to random countries all over the place. Fashion wise, it’s probably most of the sass diva range, comfortable yet beautiful shoes, great jeans, crisp white shirts, Alien perfume by Thierry Mugler, hair care products, and ummm, that’s all for now.
Who is your style icon? 
Someone else asked me this and I actually can’t answer it….people who come to mind though are between the spectrum of audrey hepburn and solange knowles, purely for their sincerity, ease and effortlessness.


What do you think is key for women to know or do, when getting where they want to be? 
To always have an attitude of learning and to never to underestimate themselves.

   Name three issues you feel strongly about? 
Service, Justice/law, and the beauty of People thinking for themselves, coming to terms with their true potential, and expressions of it.
 What do you love about South Africa, generally? 
There are so many things to love. Our diversity and perseverance.

And Jo’burg
Joburg is a survivor and survival city, it’s city of perpetual energy, of never giving up.

Female for President? 
Dr Mamphela Ramphele for president with Thuli Madonsela as Deputy. 


Ideally, what does the future holdfor Amy? 
HAPPINESS! Travelling the world, being of service to those around me and facilitating the realisation of peoples’ humans rights with awesome hair, a great bag and gorgeous shoes.
What does the future hold for Lost & Found? 
I don’t know, but hopefully it continues and grows, and if its not meant to, then that I bow out gracefully and on a high note, with a good reputation.

You’re Invited

In the immediate future, like next week – bidding starts on Lost & Found’s new range. And TOMORROW you may view and try on everything that’s going up! I’m getting my fingers ready, it’s going to be an online bidding craze! See my favourites:

Now, try to make it to the Viewing Part tomorrow – and then find a comfortable spot when bidding begins next week! Find Lost & Found, here.


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