It Looked Better In My Head [Thankful Tuesday]

Pants: Meltz; Shirt: Vintage via Lost & Found; Pullover & Shoes: Fashion Express
I don’t like this outfit. At all. It looked all sorts of amazing in my head though, I promise.

I’m still thankful though, lesson learnt 🙂

[And here’re some other things I’m thankful for this week.]
Weeks that end. Last week was tough!
Jelly tots, and smarties.
Something to look forward to. Weekends, holidays, special days.
Date nights.
Husbands. But I’m just thankful for mine.
Prayer. It works.
Off days. No, I don’t want to do anything else with my hair.
Lunch breaks.
Vests. Underneath everything.
A good laugh.

Hope you’re having a great day?!
p.s. thank you to the 99th follower on Google Friend Connect!


  1. Thanx fOr posting your not so great Outfit. It's encouraging that I am not too bad coz I have those days when the outfit is all thought out but doesn't feel that good when I put it on. Love your blog thanx for sharing your life


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