Travel Style

Pants: Pure; Top: Piccadilly; Cardigan: Identity; Shoes: Mr Price;
Coat, Sunglasses & Necklace: Woolworths; Bag: Gifted Louis Vuitton
The husband and I are dashing off to Cape Town later, to hold hands and share lotsa hugs. Seriously, so excited to spend some alone time with my hubs – what better way than over [husband’s] birthday cake, vintage shopping, touristy sight seeing and beautiful dinners (in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!). 
I thought I’d share a quick post of my very relaxed outfit, which is travel ready.
When I travel I want no fuss. I hate jeans. Many love traveling in jeans, but I find it unbearable (even in a short two-hour flight). I prefer loose, stretch pants. 
Flats keep me looking somewhat sane when juggling bags through security and running towards boarding gates (hopefully there’ll be no running this time). 
And layers, layers are the answer – especially in airports and during flights where you’re hot one minute, and cold the next. I always travel with a carry-on coat, more so when I anticipate cold weather upon arrival (thank you Cape Town). 
Finally, a big easy-to-cart-around bag is a life-saver (you don’t want to know how much stuff’s in here!).
What’s your travel style?

Thank you to Lerato for these pictures. 
Thank you for coming by. See you on Tuesday!


  1. Perfect and comfy travel style!
    You better bring your coats and boots… Its literally the coldest its ever been! Plus its been raining for 2 days straight. 😦
    But I'm sure you and Hubby will have a great time!


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