Thankful Tuesday (Travel Post – Cape Town)

 [Things I’m thankful for.]
Of all the things I’m thankful for this week, I’d like to single out the short trip Hubby and I had to Cape Town this weekend. It was a much needed break, with hours of quality time with my special person.

The first two nights, we stayed at the Fire & Ice Protea Hotel in the city. The second two nights, at Primi Royal in Camps Bay – we preferred this hotel as it’s much quieter and has great views of the ocean.

On Friday we kicked off Husband’s birthday with a nice breakfast at the V &A Waterfront. Then, onto our favourite activity – shopping. Zara had just opened so we popped in there (and everywhere else). I really appreciate the chilled shopping experience the Waterfront offers (despite the not-so-chilled Zara stop – it was crazy!).
We managed to squeeze in a stop at Second Time Around on Long street (where I bagged some gorgeous Vintage pieces), before heading to supper at Mount Nelson’s Planet Restaurant on Orange Street. The restaurant offers great fine dining, and I think Husband was quite pleased with his official birthday celebration 🙂

Above pictures were taken at the Waterfront.
On Saturday morning we gobbled up a quick breakfast on Long Street (again). I HAD to visit Old Street (on 301 Long), and finally meet those fashion friends! Bagged some great pieces at their R99 or less sale. Come lunch time, we took a ferry to Robben Island and had a leisurely history lesson.
By night time, we found ourselves at Canal Walk to wind down. We even contemplated seeing a movie, but that didn’t happen.

Above pictures taken from the ferry on board to Robben Island.

The cell Nelson Mandela occupied for 18 years.

Above pictures taken on Robben Island.
Coca-Cola man showing off our Olympic medal tally.
Above pictures taken upon our return from the Island, at the Waterfront.
… And before we knew it, it was Sunday – our last day to enjoy this beautiful city. We enjoyed our drive to Simon’s Town (where we discovered Nostalgie, a gorgeous little Vintage store!) and explored the town before our next stop – Kalk Bay. We wrapped up the tour with traditional Fish & Chips at Kalky’s, right at the harbour. Then, back to Camps Bay to show the town some love.

Above pictures taken on route to Simon’s Town.

Nostalgie, on the main street in Simon’s Town.

Pictured above, lunch at Kalky’s in Kalk Bay.
Camps Bay.
Then came Monday; we had our things packed (two additional bags later!) – and were off to see my grandmother. She told us ghost stories and we laughed over her greying hair. We probably shouldn’t have saved the visit for last because I really didn’t want to leave Cape Town then. But leave, we had to – and farewells were said to Ouma, and to this amazing city. Until next time. 


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