Thankful Tuesday (on Wednesday)

Dress: Pure; Jacket: Identity; Shoes: Forever New;
Bag: Gifted Prada; Necklaces: Woolworths & Mr Price

I mixed my Monday with my Tuesday and completely missed Thankful Tuesday in the process, but I’ve got so much to be thankful for – here’re some of the little things that make life sweeter these days (on this Wednesday).
[Things I’m thankful for.]
Something to look forward to. Every now and then.
Ice cream.
Warm weather, and more ice cream.
Recipe books filled with great Summer foods to inspire me right into the kitchen. 
Gifts. I like them.
Better days. So good that they’re guaranteed. 
People. I don’t like to be alone.
Strawberries. Mm.
Nail polish. I mean, we’re letting our toes out aren’t we?
Open doors.
Perfect timing. God’s.

Lwazi, of Lwazi Mhlanga Photography took these pictures. I’m really thankful that he continued snapping despite my squinting and weird poses. 
Have a lovely evening!

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