Dressing a Baby Bump

Baby bump at 17 weeks.


Dress & Shoes: Rage; Boyfriend Blazer & Bag: Mr Price; Sunglasses: China Town
While it hasn’t been particularly challenging yet, I am thinking about ways to dress this growing bump. Traditionally, you’d tuck it away under loose clothing, but I think women are showing off their pregnant bodies proudly these days. Gone are the days of sack-resembling empire lines (at least I hope so)! My guideline will be comfort (so no, I’m not trying to squeeze my little person into high waist pants – as much as I love those pants, the zips just won’t keep up), while maintaining my personal style. That means I willย also wear heels until my body tells me otherwise (just don’t tell my mother).
I didn’t consider any of this when getting dressed this morning, I will admit. Quick and easy were the only two words that guided me! It’s not my favourite (and I probably wouldn’t pair this blazer with this dress again), but I think I’m ready for this new style challenge.
If you’ve faced this challenge yourself, what is your formula? We can take this topic to twitter too. Follow me here.





Thank you for coming by. Here’s to a great week!


  1. Wearing it proudly as usual, as you said wear it until your body says otherwise, I remember my first pregnancy i was too afraid to wear heels and was really not as fashionfoward with my secong one.

    So please stay fashion forward and wear it with grace and style as you alwasy do.


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