Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Skirt, Blazer &  Bag: Mr Price; Top: Piccadilly; Shoes: Sissy Boy; Necklace: Sass Diva; Belt: Gifted
I’m a huge fan of Sydney‘s Awkward & Awesome Thursdays, and they were particularly interesting during her pregnancy so here’s the beginning of Awkward & Awesome Wednesdays (I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to start!). I can’t promise that it’ll be as funny as Sydney’s, but it’s definitely a tradition I’d like to continue over here. Pregnancy has given me ample awkwards to document, although I’m generally awkward anyway, so it should be fun! We all have those awesome and, well, not so awesome moments – I hope I have the guts to be real!
– A really weak pregnancy bladder – thank God nobody else witnessed it. Although, it’s double awkward that you know this now too. I’ll spare you the details.
– Biting on a pencil to soothe my aching gums. In the office. With a colleague staring as I try to speak.
– Trying to work a toothpick after breakfast/lunch/supper – in a restaurant – is pretty awkward too.
– The urge to press my stomach out a little, when in public. “It’s not a pooch, it’s a baby bump.” Can I just have a t-shirt already?!
– Asking the cashier for R1 because I don’t have enough money to pay my parking ticket – and don’t want to walk all the way to the bank. Yes, I’m the girl who does that. One awkward moment later, I had change for my parking, thank you nice cashier man.
– A very old awkward moment, involving a bus, a breeze, and a mini skirt. The result still haunts me. 
– A perfect twirl, ballerina style… happening in my belly. This baby’s a dancer.
– Husband coming home after a long day. It never gets old. Most times I pretend to be sleeping, and I’m like “Surprise!” (meaning, “I’m not really sleeping!”). Okay, the latter’s a little more awkward than awesome. Send all complaints to my parents, Husband.
– Finding left over anything in the fridge, and it tastes fine. 
– Discovering that traffic is not as bad as anticipated.
– Sorting the wardrobe, and finding a piece you had forgotten about. It’s like Christmas, almost.
– Ginger & Honey tea that tastes way better than expected. And it works wonders for a cold/flu/whatever I’ve got.

Thank you for coming by! Here’s to laughing at the awkward moments – and savouring the awesome ones!


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