Show & Tell: Pattern Mix

Pants: Foschini; Top: Piccadilly; Blazer: Thrifted Topshop;
Shoes: ALDO; Bag: Sowearto; Necklace: Sass Diva; Earrings: Mr Price
I’ve always intended that this blog be more show & tell than just show. My desire is that you’re inspired by my personal style, and are encouraged to be brave in your own style choices and discover how to tell the world something about who you are. By no means will I always get it right, but that’s why I love the blogosphere – this is a place of complete freedom and we learn as we go along. 
That said, I’m introducing a new series on the blog. How To: (I know, not very original is it?) Show & Tell (much better!)
Here I’ll help you try new things, and often I’ll be trying it myself. Maybe someone will enjoy these posts, and it will be well worth it. 
Today? Pattern Mixing. I feel like quite the Super Hero to start with this one because this is one trend I haven’t mastered. I’m hardly brave enough to really work a good pattern mix. And, pattern mixing is not for everyone – which takes us to the first tip.
– If you’re after simplicity, keep your mix subtle. 
– Animal print, polka dots and stripes – consider these neutral. You really can get away with mixing patterns if one of the patterns is a neutral. Animal print has become the new black – and it’s my personal fave to combine with stripes.
– Identify a base colour – a colour that is prominent in both your patterns. Then, the patterns flow into each other.
– Just like colour, the same pattern serves as a base. Here, I’m playing it safe with a base colour (the black &  white), and same pattern – stripes. 
– Start with mixing two patterns only. Three or more and you’re headed to the catwalk.
– Don’t let patterns compete – combine one bold with one subtle; one large and one small; one loud and one muted…
– Use neutral or muted shades for the rest of the outfit. Here, I’m using black. Try white, nude, brown, navy or other block colours too (although brights and neons will add another dimension so tread carefully).
– Minimize accessories. The mix is the star of the show. If accessorizing, go plain. Metals always work. Don’t feel the need to match an accessory with the colours in your pattern mix. It can become overbearing.  
– Lastly, but essentially, consider your body shape. Put the bolder pattern on the smaller half of your body. Or… do the entire mix on the smaller part. Also, opt for colours that brighten up your face! 

Thanks to Lerato for these pictures.
Sometimes, break these “rules”. Your instinct should guide you – if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. 


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