Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Pants: Piccadilly; Top: Jay Jay’s; Blazer: via Old Street; Shoes & Bag: ALDO; Necklace: Sass Diva
– Having to buy a size up, because there’s some button-popping action going on with my usual size.
– Is there something in my nose? This is still awkward.
– Severe hunger, the minute I open my eyes in the morning.
– Arms folded, resting on the baby bump. It’s a little awkward, no?
– People still staring.
– The long, lonely walk through the mall. I don’t like to be alone people. I just pretend that there’s a lot going on on my cellphone. That doesn’t work. Still awkward. 
– Finding only the left shoe, of the only pair left in my size. Always happens.
– The, um, assets I’ve never had, and don’t know what to do with now. Let’s just tuck you in, shall we?!

– New shoes. To admit how many pairs would be awkward. I’m an addict. 
– Toffee apple. I finally had a toffee apple – actually, I had two. 
– Feet up. TV on.
– The easy-breezy stage of pregnancy I’m in (now 25 weeks). Minus the nose (and now, feet) threatening to swell.
– Cupcakes. I’ve always been a fan.
– Black and white stripes. 
– Any stripes.
– These pants! With a stretch waistband, and a forgiving print – a winner. They were cheap too!
– A fresh hair trim, thanks to Janine. Dry ends, gone. 
– The new assets. Awesome too, I admit.

Thanks for these pictures, Lerato.
Thank you for coming by!


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