Thankful Tuesday

Skirt worn as dress & Cardi: Pure; Shoes: Rage; Bag: Gifted Prada; Neckpiece: Mr Price
[Things I’m thankful for.]
A blinking, swallowing, sucking 1,2 kg baby.
The third trimester. It’s really getting real here people.
A home.
Versatile clothing, like this skirt. See it as a skirt here.
Feet that have not swollen yet, despite disappearing ankles.
Maternity jeans that look good! Thanks Janine šŸ™‚
Makeup. Went without and it was a bland day, literally.
Friends who find the makeup you had misplaced! Thanks Janet šŸ™‚
My dad. Love him.
Movie time with Husband.
Any time with Husband.
A successful work trip to Durban (that didn’t require being away from home for a single night).
A break. Counting the days.
New stuff.
Chocolate. We’re friends again.

Thanks for these pictures, Lerato.
What are you thankful for? I bet you’ve got loads to list!


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