Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Dress: Pure; Denim Cropped Jacket: Mr Price; Shoes: Gino Paoli
Bag: Gifted Prada; Sunglasses: Woolworths; Earrings: Gifted
– Zips. I’ve decided, the bump’s not the awkward one.
– Misplacing my makeup – and going without it for a day. The awkward part was my bland face, on a work trip to Durban.
– I found a sample foundation sachet in my bag, and used it. Shame.  
– I also applied lots of other stuff from tester tubes at a makeup counter at the airport. Double shame.
– Admitting these shameful deeds. That’s awkward.
– When steak just won’t budge, no matter how long you chew – and it ends up in a serviette (you know how it ends up there… when no one is looking). Stop judging.
– Forcing the second half of your meal down because you feel too guilty to leave it behind when your host picked the restaurant.
– You go in for a hug, when the other person expected a handshake. I thought we were on that level, okay?
– A calamari starter that just didn’t make a good start to an office Christmas lunch.
– Sleep, these days.

– The foundation sachet, and the tester tubes. Hey, they did the job.
– Seeing Baby blink, suck and swallow. Awesome awesome.
– Seeing Husband beam with pride at these moves.
– That blinking baby weighs 1,2 kg. Keep piling ’em on, Baby.
– My doctor saying I’ll probably be in heels until the end. She said it.
– This girly dress from Pure.
– Um. I really like my legs these days.
– About two weeks until a break from work. Counting. the. days.
– Nice hospital people.
– Finding that I do still have space for all my shoes. That’s the power of a good clean.
– Bows. Studs. Together. On a pretty pair of flats Husband got me from Topshop.
– Speaking of which, Topshop is awesome. I like their edge, and they’ve got a good denim range (swooning over the dresses!). Prices are on par with Zara. Shop their investment pieces.

Lerato took these pictures. You’re awesome Lerato!
Thanks for coming by. What’s been awkward/awesome lately?


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