Pants & Mint Top: Pure; White t-shirt: Jay Jay’s; Shoes: Mr Price
Beads: Petro Carls; Sunglasses: Woolworths
As with everyone I’m sure, the year has taken its toll on me. I’m ready for a break. Or, maybe I’m just eagerly anticipating the break that’s coming my way. I can’t wait for the downtime, just to enjoy the nothingness. 
Oh, but there’s lots to do! I’ll be getting things ready for Baby. You know… meticulous cleaning, re-arranging of furniture (don’t worry that won’t be me), maybe a fresh coat of paint on the walls (again, no thanks), and getting stuff for the little person. I love a good home re-do! 
Hopefully, we’ll spot some stuff we like this weekend. We’ll check out the Baby Expo, and rummage through antique furniture stores – maybe we’ll find a nice cabinet there?! I’d love a pretty antique. Say a little prayer will ya?!

Thanks to Smanga for these pictures.
Happy Weekend! I hope you’re doing something fun.


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