Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Dress: Pure; Shoes: Mr Price; Bag: Sandton City’s Fashion Week 2012
Necklace: Woolworths; Sunglasses: China Town
– Me, and these sunglasses – when it’s obvious that there’s no sunshine. 
– By the way, I’m pretty embarrassed for people wearing sunglasses indoors. Take. it. off.
– Photo-overload. Sorry.
– So glad this bag’s got my back – literally – ‘cos the rear seems very, um, voluptuous today.
– Getting up from the couch, these days. But I’ve mastered the side-roll-and-up technique. I’m a talented girl.
– Sometimes I think Baby wants to get out, and it looks really weird from my point-of-view.
– Baby Daddy making a video of the attempted escape.
– …and that video revealed what my bump looks like, from the navel down (awkward point a.). People, the dark line on my belly (awkward point b. – it’s ridiculously dark) is not straight. I mean, above-navel line and below-navel line do not line up (that’s point c.). This has got to be a problem.
– It’s not that awkward, but I have a really bad hole in my tooth since a filling fell out. It’s very awkward when you consider the fact that I made Husband touch it. I really have to sort it out.
– Standing up, I cannot see my toes.

– 10 Weeks til Baby. Really. This is awesome deluxe!
– The nightly fruit feast I indulge in.
– This dress. For one, it’s pocketed!
– My underwear drawer. It looks amazing since a minor reshuffle. Well, I think it’s awesome.
– Hotdogs, minus the heartburn.
– The stranger that gave me a sweet compliment when I wasn’t feeling great. Thank you nice lady.
– Watching kids pray. It’s a lot of fun!
– No stretch marks. Keep at it belly, you’re doing good.
– I have a new appreciation for my body, by the way. How does it stretch like this?! And there’s a person in here? Amazeballs (sorry, I actually say that a lot).
– Baby really breaks out the moves to Michael Buble and other jazzy tunes. I love a kid with good taste.
– I’ve figured out how to tie my shoes. This is a milestone.

Thanks to Lerato for these pictures.
Thank you for coming by. What’s awesome on your end?


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