2013. It’s going to be an adventure!

Dress: Pure; Shoes: Cotton On; Bag: Sowearto
Sunglasses: ALDO; Earrings: Mr Price; Watch: Gifted Michael Kors
It’s my first day back at work, and so it feels like 2013 has officially begun. I spent the time off getting house stuff done. You know, tackled a drawer here and organised a wardrobe there – in between TV breaks on the couch (if anyone told me a heavy belly would make me feel like an old granny, I would have played the Super Woman card and laughed it off – but yes, I’ve discovered this little granny fact). I also spent the time off welcoming new shoes to the family, and I’m yet to make it all fit – I’m going to need a double dose of Super Woman!
While sorting through my wardrobe, I looked at each dress and asked: “would a mother wear that?”. Yes. That is my reality now, and it has consumed my thoughts. 2013 is a year like no other for me. It’s the year I become Mom to Isaiah. It’s the year I learn to juggle being a wife, mother, and career woman. I’m trying to be that woman, see. And, funny enough, I feel myself changing.
It’s amazing what a priority shift does to one: when I got my first job, I was eager to grow my career – and spend my own money (on shoes, and clothes, and stuff, of course). When I got married, I was learning about being a wife – and suddenly saved some money for less frivolous things (like bills, and food… and home decor, hey it’s for the home after all ). Now that we’re becoming parents, another shift is happening for Husband and I. And while it’s daunting, it feels like the most natural thing on earth – the shift. We wouldn’t be concerned with anything else. We enjoy making plans for Isaiah; we eagerly anticipate the change on the way – sleepless nights and all.
But I’m not just going to be Isaiah’s mother – it’s just another definition of who I am, alongside wife and career woman (and shoe addict!)…
That’s life and its shifts, as we grow and change – we adapt, and keep piling on the experiences. Indeed, 2013 is going to be an adventure.
Thanks to Lerato – she is still generous enough to take my pictures!
Thank you for coming by. I wish you every success as you go on your own adventure this year.


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