Thankful Tuesday

Dress: Old Street; Shoes & Earrings: Mr Price; Bag: Sowearto
This week, I’m thankful for so many things (we all have so much to be grateful for, after all) – but I’d like to single YOU out. I’m thankful that you read, and that you continue to motivate me to blog some more. 
Mzansi fashion love, a fashion facebook page filled with local beauty, recently asked me some questions and it reminded me of how much I love this little space. Thank you so much for the opportunity Mfl! Here’s a snippet (for the full feature, visit the page here):

Why blog about your life (where there tons of subjects that you could have covered)?

It all started as my personal little space, just to write. I dream of a career in fashion & lifestyle magazines, and that’s how the blog was born. I realised that I don’t have to wait to be able to write about the things I love, that’s the power of blogging. While the blog is mainly about my personal style, I do write about decor, and even more sensitive subjects. What is consistent is that this is my life, it’s real – and that’s what people relate to. What I always hope to do is inspire readers – it’s not a brag space; I hope readers get something real out of my posts. 

We were moved by your pregnancy phase that you’ve covered, tell us what emotional phase did you go through to allow your followers into the intimate details?

I always knew that I’d share that. Our stories are not our own, they’re for sharing and encouraging others. My journey towards getting pregnant is not a dramatic one, but I think there are people who are able to take something from my experience. For me, it was a lesson in speaking things into existence. I’m an advocate of the power of the tongue!

To all mothers to be out there, what styling advice can you give them? How should they maintain that fabulousity that you exude?

Thank you! I hope to maintain my style seamlessly when there’s a baby tugging at my clothes 🙂 I admire mothers who do not lose themselves to motherhood. I think that’s my advice. Don’t become so wrapped up in the buzz of having children, that you forget who you are, and forget to tell the world who you are through your personal style! Heels and frills don’t necessarily make a stylish woman, so if you’re arguing practicality – you’ll lose. Find a style that works for your lifestyle, and that oozes confidence. At the end of the day, you should FEEL fabulous.

Thank you for these pictures, Lerato.
As always, thanks for coming by!

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