My Birth Story

Wow. It’s already been three months. Where has my little newborn gone?  I didn’t think it would happen so fast. And now, three months later – there is a birth story…
Isaiah was due February 18th. When I reached that date, my doctor wanted to induce two days later but I wanted to hang on a little longer – hoping he’d come on his own. But when we reached February 24th, induction was inevitable. We headed to the hospital, very excited that we’d be coming back with a baby!
At midnight, I was induced. I was hooked up to lots of machines, which was one of the scariest things in my life because the baby’s heart rate monitor alerted me each time his heart rate dropped. I prayed myself through that night, whispering words of encouragement to myself, and my little baby.
By 6 AM, I started getting painful contractions – Isaiah was on the way. I started marching up and down, cheering myself on “I am not afraid; I was born to do this, and the Lord is with me…”. It was severe, but I was only 2 cm dilated – I was scared of what’s to come, yet I was relieved that labour had started. I was so tired, the nurse gave me a sedative so that I could sleep, but the contractions were sharp and it woke me each time. Soon the contractions were so close together I couldn’t sleep in between anymore.
Around 10 AM I was 5 cm dilated and completely freaked out at this point – how is the pain so severe when I’m only halfway?! I recalled every piece of advice I had been given, everything I had read – and I tried it all! Husband kept a warm cloth close, for each stabbing pain. I’d hold the cloth on my abdomen while he rubbed my back. Soon I started throwing up, which actually helped relieve the pain from the contractions! That’s when the nurse told me we’re nearly there, apparently these are tell-tale signs! Little did I know, I’d be ready to deliver within an hour.
Sometime after 11 I was wheeled down to the delivery room and I had the urge to push. I remember asking the nurse how long it would still be – I was desperate to have this baby already! Isaiah’s heart rate dropped significantly and I remember the doctor saying “we need to get this baby out quickly!” – three pushes later, with a suction and an episiotomy, Isaiah was born at 11:55AM. And that’s when the nurses started calling him Lunch Time Baby. He weighed 3,5kg’s, shocking the entire ward. “This is a small baby” they all commented when I checked in. Now they were saying, “shoo, you’re strong – how’d this big baby come out of you?!”
The second Isaiah was born, the pain just stopped. It’s amazing how that happens. I was filled with so much love for him, yet it was so unreal, almost weird. “You are mine”, I told him – but really, I was telling myself.



A week later, I had to return to the hospital – for a second episiotomy, or an episiotomy repair. Apparently I had messed up the first one. But the second time around – I could barely sit, so I hardly moved. Thank God for bodies that heal, because I’m in top shape now, and Isaiah and I have found our rhythm. The first few weeks were tough, I had a sore body and this needy baby – I didn’t think it would get easier, but it has. I feel like everything a mother needs to know is locked away somewhere, waiting to be needed. “Experience is something you get when you need it”, indeed.


Our first family picture, taken when we were discharged from the hospital.
My boy is three months old now, I’m back at work, and I’m a little sad. Where has the time gone? He coo’s and laughs, bounces and wiggles – when just the other day, he could barely open his eyes. I’m enjoying every second of being his Mama, and I’d do it over and over again if he’s the prize. Love him. Thank you Jesus.


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