Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Jeans: Cotton On; Shirt & Jacket: Mr Price; Pullover: Husband’s; Shoes: Toya Delazy x Legit
Bag: ALDO;  Neckpiece: Sass Diva; Earrings: Pure Store, Kuilsriver CT; Sunglasses: China Town
A trip to Cape Town, by car. It took forever to get there.
Returning to Jo’burg, sick. Thanks Cape Town.
Eagle and bicycles? Jewelry overload? 
My ghetto pose.
Isaiah pooping three times a day. 
A very talkative baby in a very quiet church service. He’s mine.
Being away from Husband for nearly a week.
Conversations with a GP. It gets really personal.
New shoes.
New shoes that smell like sweets!
New hair. I feel new.
My cousins (shout out to Mono, Cindy and Al!), who made our stay in Cape Town real good. Such good hosts you guys are!
By the way, Cindy looks pretty awesome in the morning. The rest of us just look ashy.
A talkative, [almost] singing baby. He’s mine 🙂
Reuniting with Husband after nearly a week!
It’s Wednesday. We’re half way there, people.

Thanks to Smanga for these pictures.
Be awesome!


  1. Hey Nastassja!
    Been following your blog for a while now – where do you get your style inspiration from? I love it! And it's so amazing that you are able to pull off looking so fab everyday even though you have a little baby to take care of! What's your secret? 🙂
    Yours truly,
    Raylene (aspiring fashionista, lol)


  2. Hi Raylene. Thank you, you are so good for my ego! I have a greater appreciation for moms now that I'm one, it's hard work but one can't forget to look after yourself ;)I checked out your blog, and you've got great style!


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