Blue Thursday

Top & Skirt: Mr Price; Jersey: Piccadilly; Tights & Boots: Woolworths
Bag & Sunglasses: ALDO; Neckpieces: Sass Diva
I know it’s Winter and cold, dull weather should be expected, but couldn’t the sun give us a little wave here in Jo’burg? Firstly, I look ridiculous with these sunglasses since it’s pretty obvious there’s no sunshine. But of course I insisted on taking pictures with my all-time-favourite cateyes. And two, this is not really how I look today – because of the drab weather this outfit is hidden beneath a sack of a coat. I mean, before I took the coat off I actually meant to call this post Layered Lady – because, well, it’s obvious why. All this moaning just to say I miss our Winter sunshine. In fact, couldn’t it just be Summer already?!
I’m not a Winter person, can you tell? I hope I get points for wearing a skirt today.

Thanks to Smanga for these pictures.
I’ve linked up with Fashion & Faith again today! Check it out.


  1. You look beautiful Nastassja 🙂 Throughout Winter I keep fighting the urge to wear a tracksuit like outfit. At least you wear colour to bring some Summer into Winter.


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