Motherhood Monday

Top, Pants, Shoes & Earrings: Mr Price; Bag: Foschini, Watch: Gifted Michael Kors
We experienced Isaiah’s first crying spell on Wednesday night (into Thursday morning!), last week. 
I put him down to sleep at 9PM then he woke up screaming at 10PM. It took an hour to settle him, then he woke around midnight – again screaming. 
He didn’t have a fever or any other obvious signs of being ill, so we thought we’d be able to get him to settle without getting him to a Doctor (as new parents, our first thought was to rush to the emergency room – of course). My mom suggested that his stomach might be the problem (he seemed constipated that day), and so we got out the Lennons (gave him 3 drops of Wonderkroon)! It seemed to help, but he kept fussing and threatening to sream – with silent, sad sobs. My heart hurt for him! 
Husband was worried, but I told him to sleep and I went into another room, where Isaiah eventually fell asleep at 1AM. That was good night. At 7 that morning, he woke up smiling and giggling as usual. It was as if nothing had happened. Now, to keep him regular, we’ve given him two spoons of Prune Purity in his food every other day. It seems to help his tummy (but I don’t know what caused the stomach woes in the first place?!).
Leave any advice, or send me hugs!
Thanks to Husband for these Iphone snapshots, from Saturday.
Have a good week!

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