Motherhood Monday

Dress: Fashion Express; Shoes: Truworths; Bag: Foschini; Neckpiece: Sass Diva
Before Isaiah, my family consisted of Husband and I. We were each other’s favourite place. Now that we’re a trio, our family is so much sweeter. We never thought we could be so much happier. Our favourite place is where ever the three of us are. Things have changed, yes. Like, we haven’t been to the movies in ages. Our days are lead by his eating/changing/napping schedule. Our weekends include a baby who wants our attention. And we love it. 
Our Saturday mornings are great. Isaiah wakes us up with his talking, and shouting, and laughing, and [often] face-smacking/eye-poking/lip-pulling. It’s why we look forward to the weekend. It’s the best life we never knew existed. Being a parent is such a huge responsibility, but it makes your heart so full. To express your love for your child is impossible. I love him soooooooooooooooo much (and more). 

Thanks to my mother for these (old) Iphone snapshots.
Happy Monday!


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